Male Goliath beetle in pen/ink



Representation of upper-atmospheric lightning and electrical-discharge phenomena.

The E/V Nautilus team are in Papahānaumokuākea…

The E/V Nautilus team are in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument seeking out new discoveries in biology, geology, and archaeology. They came across this Gulper Eel (Eurypharynx pelecanoides) showing off for the camera! 

“Its pouch-like mouth can inflate in an instant, scooping up much larger prey just like a pelican–and giving it that muppet-like look! This gulper eel was likely a juvenile, as this species can grow up to three feet in length.”



“All things are connected. People are connected, too.” – Chief Seattle

With the passing of J50 “Scarlet”, only 74 southern resident orcas remain. 74. This is what extinction looks like. In order for these orcas to survive their food source, chinook salmon, must be replenished by breaching the 4 lower snake river dams. It is our only hope, and Scarlet’s death must not be in vain. There has not been a surviving calf in 4 years and without our help and our combined voices the Southern Resident killer whale population faces sure extinction. Please consider calling Gov. Inslee to encourage the dams be breached in 2018. (360)-902-4111

whaletalesorg: Cape Leeuwin Competition Pod. …


Cape Leeuwin Competition Pod. To read this story (and more!), follow the link in our bio.⠀
Photo by @whale_watch_western_australia⠀
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3x3x3-cube: My second digital drawing!! I had …


My second digital drawing!! I had no ideas at first, but I decided to draw a squid as a little present for my favourite Squid-Blogs on Tumblr! Which are:




Thank you for your amazing Art!





Partir à Stockholm pour travailler sur un poster sur les insectes d’un parc national à Madagascar… done.

sierranighttide:Almost finished this piece. Ju…


Almost finished this piece. Just needs a little finishing here & there. 🦑
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Squid?? Squid.