When your hard work pays off


I’m officially going to be apart of the Biomedical Visualization Master of Science program at UIC! I formally accepted the offer today and I haven’t felt like I’ve actually had all my sh*t together like this in so long. 

Super excited for this new adventure and I want to properly track/blog my progress through the next 2 years. The last 1.5 years since my 2016 undergraduate degree has been eye opening. I spent more time by myself, understand what I actually wanted out of life versus what I had just been led to believe what would make a good life. But life is what you make it if you work hard enough. 

After realizing I wanted to be a professional artist I started working more on my draftsmanship, craft, and approach to various subject materials. I spent time as one of those people drawing in museums and zoos and I felt a great sense of peace as I did this. I redid basically 80% of my portfolio for the grad schools needed and took several classes to round off my prerequisites all while working full time in a lab and studying for the GRE. It took a lot of belief and pushing forward to see a goal that was a whole year away, 4am was a time on my clock I became very well acquainted with. 

And here I am! Happy, excited, and for once seeing my future happy, fulfilling, and full of beautiful art and science!