Y’all know the only reason animal rights activists are considered terrorists is because of capitalism, right? We’re a threat to corporate profit, which would make us guilty of terrorism only in a system that prioritizes capital and money over lives (human and non-human). That’s why we as vegans and AR activists need to equally oppose capitalism and the animal ag industries under it, if we want to truly achieve animal liberation.

1) The fact that you willingly associate yourself and the rest of the vegan community with eco-terrorists is kind of disturbing.

2) The reason why radical animal rights groups are considered eco-terrorists is because they are a threat to the public, not capitalism. Organizations such as PETA and the ALF are perfectly fine with promoting bombings and harassment as a way of getting what they want. Any organization that promotes the usage of fear tactics to scare their targets (mostly civilians) for political/ideological gain can be considered a terrorist group. They also don’t have any issue with releasing invasive species, stealing people’s animals and suing people into submission.

Now, is it possible that certain people consider them a threat because they’ll loose money? Yes, but that doesn’t automatically erase all of the damage that has been done by extremists in the name of animal rights. So, whether or not this is about capitalism, the FBI and other government organizations have a very legitimate reason consider groups like the ALF as terrorists.

in the 1990s an animal rights group firebombed the Michigan state mink facility (to save the minks, because bombing their home sure helped them I bet) but yeah Animal Rights groups are sooooooo innocent 🙄

I won’t pretend like every animal rights activist is a terrorist, because I know plenty oppose PeTA and ALF, but anybody that thinks attacking farmers, scientists, or any other person working animals is “progressive” sure as fuck is!! You can’t claim to be for life of all living beings and simultaneously support groups that threaten people with violence.