dorophyte: Late-ish upload again, sorry! Happy…


Late-ish upload again, sorry! Happy Phycology Friday! This week’s featured friend is also a familiar one: Chondracanthus exasperatus (explanation for why I redid this in the last paragraph). C. exasperatus (common name: Turkish Towel) is a species of red algae. Its appearance may vary with its environmental conditions; for example, its blade shape can vary depending on water velocity, and its colour can vary depending on water temperature.

It also makes for a good loofah, apparently. 😝

A while back, I drew C. exasperatus and I wasn’t happy with it (it was really rushed and I didn’t have my small brush on me), so I took my sweet time with attempt 2. I think it turned out alright! (or, at least, attempt 1 pales in comparison). I also have a pressing of Chondracanthus (shown on the left in the first photo), which was awesome—it’s always nice to be able to have the real thing in front of you.

What would you like to see featured on a future Phycology Friday? Let me know! ☺️