dutchorca-art: No words. No words anyone of…


No words.

No words anyone of us can say are as powerful, as moving or as sad as what has been happening the past ten days with J35 and her newborn calf. The little female was sadly only allowed to live for less than an hour but her mother and family refuse to let this calf, their hope for the future, go.

I’ve been struggling to find some way to express my feelings about this and the best way has been art. I cried as I was sketching these ideas for a future painting, as it really hit me what happened, what is going on right now and what is causing this.

WE are causing this. TIME is up. If we want to save the Southern Residents we have to act now. Breach the dams, restore the salmon and reduce the ship noise. Rest in peace, little baby. I hope your death and your mom’s mourning will at least be the catalyst that finally lights everyone’s fire.