dorophyte: Phycology Friday = I’m going to run…


Phycology Friday = I’m going to run out of green paint before anything else 😂

This week’s featured friend is Phacus sp.! The genus Phacus belongs to a group of flagellates called euglenids; one characteristic that euglenids share is the presence of a pellicle (a membrane made up of proteinaceous strips found under the cell membrane). In some euglenids, these strips can slide past each other, granting them mobility through contractile movements of their bodies. However, the pellicles of other euglenids—including Phacus—are rigid, so they rely on flagella to move around. Phacus inhabit freshwater habitats and are a food source to planktonic crustaceans.

What would you like to see featured on a future Phycology Friday? Let me know! ☺️