dorophyte: Sorry about the super late Phycolog…


Sorry about the super late Phycology Friday upload this week! (Happy Sunday…hehe) This week’s featured friend is Pontosphaera discopora, a species of coccolithophore. Since coccolithophores cover themselves in calcium carbonate plates, I’ve included some remnants of other calcifying organisms here as well (because making connections is a cool thing! And totally not because the paper warped and I needed things to weigh the corners down, pshhh… 😅)

Throughout my experiences, there have been few artistic/scientific endeavours I’ve found to be more humbling than drawing microalgae. I am constantly overwhelmed (in the best way) by the diversity and complexity contained within the microscopic world. Creating illustrations like this one open up opportunities for me to practice mindfulness, study intently, and appreciate the intricacies of the natural world; it’s amazing how a drawing of a single-celled organism can take so much time and focus. Acknowledging the existence of the tiniest inhabitants of our planet is, funnily enough, what truly makes me feel small.

This is beautiful!