dorophyte:Happy Phycology Friday! This week’s …


Happy Phycology Friday! This week’s featured friend is one that seemed to pop up at least once in every oceanography course I took…Emiliania huxleyi! The most abundant and perhaps most well-known species of coccolithophore. Like other coccolithophores, they are singled-cell phytoplankton that cover themselves in calcium carbonate plates called coccoliths (and they are all heckin’ adorable! I love coccolithophores). E. huxleyi is found in almost all ocean ecosystems and can form extensive blooms covering over 10,000 km² (under favourable conditions, these blooms can sometimes cover over 100,000 km²).

This is the first full-size phytoplankton painting I’ve attempted, yay! I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out, but oh well, I still learned a lot during the process 😅 Might try this one again someday; I think I may have fared better if I drew it with pen instead of watercolour.

What would you like to see featured on a future Phycology Friday? Let me know! ☺️