whale emoji review


a comprehensive ranking of my favorite girls

a soft girl! lots of gradients but at least they didn’t shade with black. would call her a friend! 4/5

very minimalist, which is an intriguing design choice, but doesn’t work for our friend the whale. also i can’t tell if that’s a mouth or a mustache 2/5

microsoft why do you feel the need to outline everything with thick black lines. also no whale should bend in that manner. 1/5 you’re hurting her

a small girl! she looks like she could use a friend. please befriend her 4/5

a very realistic lady! she looks like she has been at her breeding grounds for a long time with her calf. they’ll be ready to go to the feeding grounds soon! 5/5

a sperm whale, albeit with some artistic license in coloring! she looks like she’s not having fun. why is she sad? 3/5 please let her smile

a blue whale! thank you facebook for drawing attention to this endangered species. she just wants to eat krill and have a good time. 4/5 save her friends!

another blue whale, this time a little darker! she looks like she has just taken a mouth full of krill. good for her! 4/5

a cheeky girl…she’s going to steal ur krill 1/5 why is she teal

see apple this is how you do a tasteful gradient 5/5