I don’t normally request things of peopl…

I don’t normally request things of people, but a video on how terrible tumblr staff is handling things would be appreciated – not sure how you’d make it educational enough to not gert punished though

Here’s my video: 

Tumblr was sold to Yahoo for a lot of money, but it turned out Tumblr was already in decline. A project in decline at a company in decline isn’t going to be well supported. A project in decline at a company in decline that gets banned from the Apple App Store is going to be told to either get back on the app store or be closed down.

I don’t think that the Tumblr staff has done this well, and I’m not inside that building, but my guess is that they have been told they either have to do things or they will be fired and their project closed down. And so they are doing the things with minimal support and minimal staff and I’m sure it sucks for them, because I imagine many of them feel that this is a betrayal of the identity of a place that they love very much.

We are seeing, real-time, how hard it is to sustain these massive cultural spaces, especially when they aren’t vanilla bullshit and so their path to paying for themselves is murky. 

So, basically, fuck Apple for having no chill. And fuck the scum who were using Tumblr to post illegal content. I’m mad at those people, not the staff, who I’m sure are having a much worse day than me.