Ok now that I think about it, here’s how I’m using my feeds these days:

Twitter: discussions, shitposts that are more fleeting/not portfolio-worthy
Instagram: 100% finished art, it’s almost like my portfolio page now
Patreon: art in advance, though I’m only kinda using it as a tip jar these days

Reconsidering Patreon: I’m broke myself so I hate the idea of paywalls. But I noticed that you can follow people without throwing them money, so I might post my longer format art thoughts for the free tier. Paying patrons will get high-res art post, weeks in advance.

In addition, I might do tutorials next year, since I’m trying to get into a deep research about colors in nature—why things look the way they look, basically. I also want to see how this research can benefit other artists. If you think this can benefit you, talk to me.

Anyway, if you don’t wanna wait for my content to go public or happen to have extra cash lying around, you can patronize me. Or just follow me there for now and decide later in December after I figure out what exactly I want to do with Patreon in 2019.