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So umm….. guess we’re all gonna get our accounts deleted? First Facebook…. then Instagram…. now tumblr. Where are we supposed to go??

“no content involving human or animal remains” is awfully vague. like, is all of vc just tumblr illegal now???

I think we all knew this was coming after the tumblrocalypse… RIP y’all

Well. Fuck.

This is probably a good time to remind y’all I have Instagram (roadkill_menagerie)

Well… this is shitty…. I don’t know what I’ll do without tumblr :/ I have instagram (@beardlessbeardedvulture) so if I get deleted you can still reach me on there!

Does “Animal Remains” include fossilised remains? If so my blog is fucked lol

so basically biology tumblr is fucked now

franzanth: Can I use this image? – a layperson…


Can I use this image? – a layperson’s guide to intellectual property

So you’ve found a nice image on the internet and you want to use it. You’ve might have heard that “everything I find on the internet is free"—but it’s actually not the case.

Sure, the internet is vast and nobody will probably find out, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. If you’re a good person who wants to support creators the right way, this guide is for you.

Read it in full here.

franzanth: New Patreon pledge tier: Squid Squa…


New Patreon pledge tier: Squid Squad

Based on popular (not really, just a few people)’s demand, I’ve set up a new tier called Squid Squad. It has nothing to do with actual squid, unfortunately—but this tier lets me free one hour per month for an intense hour of art/design discussion and critique session.

I used to teach graphic design, illustration, and art history professionally at the bachelor level. Naturally, I’m more comfortable with people who are around this level. But let me know what you need beforehand, so I can judge if I have the knowledge that you need!

the-circles-of-life: The Circles of Life 52 s…


The Circles of Life

52 stories of people and the things they really, really, really care about.

Have you ever loved something so much, you flew to another continent to find it? Built your online persona around it? Or made a hashtag for it? This book is what happens when Franz asks people to pick the one species that means the most to them—and illustrate them for funsies.

The eBook is available to download for free here.

And so, this post officially marks the end of this project. Thanks to all of you who have followed me from the beginning of 2018. To stay in touch with my future projects, go to @franzanth or follow me elsewhere with the same handle—if you’re done with tumblr.

franzanth: Hey. Remember when I shared 10 year…


Hey. Remember when I shared 10 years worth of photos that I took for painting references & design projects? Including these photos from a crater?

My account got suspended. For no reason. (I suspect it’s P*yP*l).

So I’m doing this again but via Patreon.

I know Patreon isn’t the ideal platform for selling digital files. There’s a delay between the pledge and the actual charge/delivery. But this is the only platform I can safely use for now. To make it up to you, I’ve increased the number of themed photo pack options to 12.

Once you’ve received the files, you’re by no means obliged to continue supporting me there. But for the more serious supporters, I’m offering a permanent link to my drive folder, which contains 779 photos (and steadily increasing).

I hope these files can be more helpful to a lot of people, instead of just sitting in my harddisk waiting for me to get the right project to use them. You can read how my offer works in full here:

Last year, I was sent photographs of a 1925 bo…

Last year, I was sent photographs of a 1925 book about Miocene marine fishes of Sulawesi, Indonesia by Tim Sosa. I was very intrigued by the book because Indonesia isn’t known for its paleontology. Not many people are interested in the field, and the tropical archipelago is pretty humid, making preservation rather tricky. Plus, the islands are rather young, geologically speaking.

Anyway, the book contains 9 images of specimens and line drawings that I’ve always wanted to illustrate. Some of them are open ocean (pelagic) fishes, which seem to be easier since they tend to look rather drab.

But the book also contains a butterflyfish (Chaetodontidae), a surgeonfish (Acanthuridae), and a damselfish (Pomacentridae). I thought, this might be a chance to look deeper into why reef fishes are so dazzling!

Here’s a writeup of what I’ve found recently. Quick reminder: my posts on Patreon aren’t paywalled. Follow me there to read my longer-format ramblings because I don’t want to flood my portfolio blog with long text blocks.



I went through my photo archives last weekend. Turns out I have 10 years worth of photos that I took for painting references and illustration/design projects, just sitting in my harddisk. So I’ve made them available for everyone here:

arsanatomica: Other places to see my stuff. IN…


Other places to see my stuff.


Everything about this is amazing but I’ve noticed that in some other unrelated fish, especially carps and minnows, the first ray of the back fin is also thick & barbed.

I have no idea what the barbs are for so if anyone wants to enlighten me I’m game.

darkbookworm13: randomslasher: noobtheloser:…





More Behind the GIFs. 

This…I actually…really needed this. Like.For real legit thank you.

me too

birdsbugsandbones: Help me continue my researc…


Help me continue my research! Buy me a Ko-fi!

Masters level researchers get extremely limited funding, and no government assistance, so my funds aren’t going to be enough to cover my research costs next year without me dipping into the money that I use to pay rent, eat, and live. I need to be able to pay for one (1) of my field research trips next year. If you want to see a full cost breakdown, I’ve got a spreadsheet here.

My character and natural illustration commissions are also open, if you would like to support me that way.