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i talk so much about cephalopods when i’m working, i think it’s high time i pay a tribute to the helpful Holothurians! they’re weird and i like them


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What do you think of our rhythm bands? Monkey glands? Hot dog stands? What do you think of Stokowski’s hands? What do you think of the


What do you think of our rhythm bands? Monkey glands? Hot dog stands? What do you think of Stokowski’s hands? What do you think of the


This October, researchers on the Expedition Vessel Nautilus got a spooky treat when they were exploring the deep waters of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary:

A whale fall!

When a whale dies at sea, its body sinks to the seafloor. There, it’s known as a whale fall. Whale falls serve as an important food source for animals from large sharks to small worms, and can feed communities for years to decades (!).

This whale fall is estimated to have been on the seafloor for about four months. Researchers spotted Muusoctopus octopuses, eel pouts, crabs, and other animals feeding.

They also saw many small Osedax worms (the reddish fuzzy-looking stuff on the GIFs below). These worms dissolve the bone to consume the fats within it. 

(The green dots you see in these GIFs are lasers that help researchers tell the size of objects they’re looking at. The dots are 10 centimeters apart.)

This whale fall was spotted at a depth of 10,623 feet on the flank of Davidson Seamount, an underwater mountain off the coast of California. The whale skeleton is lying on its back and is an estimated 13 to 16 feet in length. We’re not sure what species it is yet, but it’s definitely a baleen whale (some of the baleen still remains). 

Check out our video to see more of the whale fall, and to hear the scientists’ delight in finding it:

[GIFs credited to OET/NOAA. They show various views of the whale fall. The first two show the full whale skeleton in a pool of light; many octopuses and fish surround the skeleton. The second two GIFs show closer views of octopuses and fish feeding on the skeleton.]



today years old when I learned that the deep sea abyss still has sea urchins in stretched out nonsense shapes like the kinds of echinoderms that were more common in the cambrian????????????


The cuttlefish has a remarkable talent. Its skin contains millions of pigment cells and it uses hypnotic color patterns to mesmerize its prey before it strikes. (Blue Planet II)



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I’m kind of horrified that so few articles about the fires in Brazil are mentioning the indigenous women’s march and indigenous people on the frontlines and occupying Brazilian government offices. Indigenous resistance to the destruction is happening, this isn’t being passively accepted.

hey do you have a source/link for this? i wanna share w some friends


Hey everyone sorry for the massive post, but the Amazon rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks now, the fires are raging so strong that cities kilometers away have been darkened by the ashes, and even if it’s small I think we can all do something about it. Here’s some info I’ve gathered: 

The current Brazil president, far-right Jaír Bolsonaro, is a climate change denier, he’s withdrawn a lot of the protections that were in place to keep the rainforest safe, and he’s in favor of exploitation of the rainforest, because of this, there is no official media coverage to make the information reach the rest of the world.

From Sunrise Movement: 

Fires are being started deliberately under Bolsonaro’s rule to illegally deforest indigenous land, people have died in the fires already. The video shows a Pataxó woman talking about it 

 Because of the defunding of the organizations that would protect the rainforest and the lack of media coverage, it’s hard to figure out what to do to help, but here’s what I’ve found out: 

 Here you can Sign the petition to Demand BlackRock stop financing Amazon destruction, Blackrock has the most money invested in the fossil fuel and agribusiness industries, and is a huge contributor to climate change

You can pledge solidarity with Brazil’s resistance and donate here:

And there is this petition to stop the exploitation of the rainforest which you can sign:ção-da-amazônia 


feel free to add other resources and photos of what’s happening since my internet is being AWFUL and not letting me share pics.