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Dolphind and Corals
(by Kjersti Busk Joergensen)



This bottlenose dolphin has successfully embedded itself in a pod of false killer whales. Knowledgeable on the subject say that is a loner dolphin who no longer is part of a pod, possibly because he or she was kicked out of its dolphin pod in a very unfriendly way. 

That sort of behavior does sometimes happen among dolphins. A lone dolphin can be in terrible danger from predators. Seeking a new pod for protection and friendship, this lone Dolphin came across this friendly pod of False Killer Whales who accept it as a pod member. This Dolphin probably helps the slower whales with rounding up food, and thus a blended family of cetaceans was created. 

By the way, a group of false killer whales in New Zealand is well known to establish bonds of camaraderie with a group of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates) in a coordinated anti-predatory effort that in some cases lasted more than five years and at ranges of up to 650 kilometers.

  •  Photo by Clark Miller in Dominica.

It makes you wonder …has this dolphin learnt to speak false killer whale? 


I went on a whale watch and saw some beautiful Risso’s dolphins. The pod had about 8-10 members. A bottlenose was with them. .


Mother Ocean

Exceptional behavior observed within a bottlenose dolphin community in French Polynesia. Video created in partnership with the Marine Mammal Study Group (GEMM) and the Institute for Research and Development (IRD), in collaboration with the Moorea Island Center for Insular Research and Observatory of the Environment (CRIOBE) and biologist Pamela Carzon.


This dolphin mom adopted a baby from a different species

Photos by Pamela Carzon



If in doubt, add Globe and Dolphin. Mix carefully.

Fanart of Ecco the Dolphin, based on Globe Holder


Famed Spirtle the Dolphin makes miraculous recovery

Martin Hannan – May 27, 2019

Sha was famed across the world for her brush with death when her dramatic sunburn scars were revealed three years ago, but now Spirtle has found a new lease of life leading her own pod of dolphins hundreds of miles from her original home.

It was in May 2016 that Spirtle was badly injured while she was stranded out of water on mudflats for 24 hours in the Cromarty Firth. She was found by chance by a couple whose SatNav misdirected them and dolphin fans were overjoyed when the bottlenose dolphin not only survived her ordeal but was seen to be healing in the Scottish waters.

Spirtle has now emerged in the Irish Sea off the east coast of the Irish republic where she was spotted with her distinctive scars last week. She may even have her own daughter and is certainly leading the pod, as reported by the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG). They reported on their website: “On May 14 we started getting unusual sighting reports of dolphins off the South Dublin and North Wicklow area, which we were confident were bottlenose dolphins.

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