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I recently had a request to share some the resources that I have used throughout the years for killer whale research and thought I would share them publicly too for anybody who wants to get more in-depth knowledge of killer whale biology, ecology, culture, and evolutionary history. The best information comes from from primary sources––these will almost always be published peer-reviewed research articles. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to access outside academia thanks to paywalls and complex language/topics can make it difficult for people without background in the paper’s topic to fully understand. Worry not though! As a university student, I have access to most research papers and am more than happy to email them to you if needed. If you are having difficulty understanding what the paper is talking about, check out these resources on how to read scientific papers: 

If you are still having difficulty grasping the main concepts, shoot me a message and I’d be more than happy to explain them to you! Another note: it is important to understand that scientific research is always changing and that older papers, though they often contain the founding principles of a research topic, can sometimes have inaccuracies due to their age. Always be aware of this while reading older research. 

*Note: This is NOT a comprehensive list of all killer whale research papers. This is a list of key papers/studies I believe are good starting points for people who are interested in getting more in-depth knowledge of killer whales.*

Life History


Note: most of these papers are heavy in genetic concepts and methods––they are difficult to understand and I recommend focusing on the introduction/abstract and discussion/conclusions for clarity. 


Culture & Behavior

Misc. Articles (Not Primary Literature)

Primary sources are always best but there are also good articles and sources outside of peer-reviewed literature that contain good information as well!



Whale Spotting Kaikoura (by Iswanto Arif)



The Invaluable

My newest piece for the Orca-Zine – a charity book which is going to be available at Superpod 6 – – All profits from the sale of this book will be split equally and donated to the Center for Whale Research and Orca Network.

Since SRKWs run out of salmon quite fast, I thought of making an artwork that would speak about it. For the industries salmon is one of the ways to make money, but for the whales it’s a source of energy and life. For the orcas salmons are invaluable. To choose the whale for the main role of this drawing I hosted a public poll and people’ve choosen Blackberry J27.

There are ways to help SRKWs:
Adopt a Southern Resident killer whale
Contact Politicians
Tell the Columbia river System Operations to breach the lower Snake River dams
What can you personally do?

Animated Process of this Artwork —




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Northern Humpback Whale Migration. To read this story (and more!), follow the link in our bio⁠
Photo by @Whale_watch_western_australia⁠
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Fishing with Pablo Offshore Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks and More! To read this story (and more!), follow the link in our bio.⁠
Photo by @pablo_aka_paul⁠
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