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A front-row seat to ocean pollution

A front-row seat to ocean pollution:

My latest article for the UN Environment. If you’ve ever been diving you know that the issue of marine debris is more than meets the eye. Divers are on the front line and are key to the solution to #BeatPlasticPollution! 

The planet is on edge of a global plastic cala…

The planet is on edge of a global plastic calamity | Erik Solheim:

“But let there be no doubt: we are on edge of a plastic calamity. Current projections show that global plastic production will skyrocket in the next 10-15 years.”

“Individuals are increasingly exercising their power as consumers; turning down plastic straws and cutlery, cleaning beaches and coastlines, and rethinking their purchase habits. If this happens enough, retailers will get the message and look for alternatives.”

Clifton Marine Debris. Marine debris is a majo…

Clifton Marine Debris. Marine debris is a major threat to marine life. Watch how volunteers are working to clean it up, and see how underwater debris differs from that on land #marineexplorer

Oh hey, Monday. So good to see you.

Oh hey, Monday. So good to see you.


Yellow Margined Moray Eel (Gymnothorax flavimarginatus)
Got an underwater camera? Practice that buoyancy. Get the guide to help you hover. Do a weight check. Don’t over flash. Don’t harass or chase or poke or prod. Be a good seatizen and don’t make the reef pay the ultimate price for your photo.

theonion:GAINESVILLE, FL—Upending the conventi…


GAINESVILLE, FL—Upending the conventional theory that the animals are different species, a study conducted by marine biologists at the University of Florida confirmed Thursday that sharks are just really angry dolphins. “An exhaustive five-year-long field study combined with comprehensive DNA analysis proves that sharks are actually dolphins that are super fucking pissed,” said lead researcher Dr. Karen Delgado, noting that the reason sharks were considered solitary animals was because they were simply livid dolphins who needed to go off by themselves for a while to simmer down. “Once a dolphin becomes furious, it undergoes a number of physiological changes including growing several rows of jagged teeth, sprouting gills, and developing a layer of skin that seals up the blowhole. In rare cases, a dolphin can become so enraged that its head will morph into a flat, hammer-like shape. Eventually, the mammal calms down and rejoins the pod after its dolphin-like features return.” Delgado added that her team’s study comes in the wake of a similar discovery that walruses are profoundly wise sea lions.

To be fair…dolphins are already a**holes

Green Fins International Year of the Reef Camp…

Green Fins International Year of the Reef Campaign – #RedefineTheDive (click for full size)

Did you know that 70% of divers make contact with the reef at least once on a dive? Here are ways you and your dive guide can reduce that! Reducing local threats to reefs keeps them resilient in the face of global changes and every little bit helps.

Very proud of our team and in particular our colleague Jula for spearheading this! Special thanks to Magazine who helped create this. Now the shameless plug to help support our work with the chance to win a Caribbean liveaboard dive trip! I’d enter if I could, but I can’t. I’ll leave that to you guys, just click here

If you look closely, this little commensal shr…

If you look closely, this little commensal shrimp is carrying eggs. I pretty much never spot if it’s pregnant or not until I can zoom in on the photo. Happy Easter all! 

Species: Periclimenes tosaensis

This photo was taken without manipulating or moving the animal, without lying on coral or touching the reef to balance. This photo was taken without excessive flash which can stress animals. If you can’t get in close enough with your buoyancy, take your photos in raw and zoom in. No photo is worth the damage. 

Follow on from my last post. Don’t ever think …

Follow on from my last post. Don’t ever think that you as one person, just you, can’t make a difference! 


Sea turtles return to Mumbai beach after 20-ye…

Sea turtles return to Mumbai beach after 20-year absence:

Have you heard the story of one person who inspired a community to clear up a beach covered in 5.5 m of trash? Take a second and absorb that fact. 5.5m. It’s one of my favourite examples of how individual action can lead to a movement of change. 

A conservation achievement in itself, it has also lead to this fantastic news! What better stamp of approval than from Mother Nature herself.  

scienceshark12:“Fading Memories” A commentary…


“Fading Memories”
A commentary on ocean acidification and how it effects more than just shelled organisms.