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This is one hot hot pink octopus. Poli the Octopus in hot pink is on the shop now.


You guys!!! These octopus hats are always just as epic as the last. I’m loving the autumn browns in this one.
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Making progress on my crochet octopus! this whole thing took me about a week to do!


His head got wonky.

I think I need a smaller hook, which means sizing up the pattern to get something this size again. Which is not a big deal. Maybe longer tentacles. We’ll see.

I bought variegated yarn, bur didn’t realize just how little yarn this guy would take, so there’s barely any color change in him.

Overall, I’m satisfied with him as a prototype. I think I may even give him to the squid when she makes her debut.


New Octo Pals!!!

Spider-Man, Loki, and Thor: $10.00 each


Email us at:


drying octopi


A new color of Extra Large Poli the Octopus in the shop now.


Nautical dress! Handmade and custom sized to the buyer’s measurements.

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Guys, guys… check out this adorabilis creature from @love-and-magic-studios

It’s in my office right now and it makes me so happy 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀   <3


Octobuddies – EC’s baby

Patterns not mine available here