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ashydrawsthings: Ashy gets sad about octopus…


Ashy gets sad about octopus books: the comic 🐙 After reading this passage it stuck with me for a fair few days after.

(Quote is from Other Minds by Peter Godfrey Smith)

Cuttlefish invisibility cloak

Cuttlefish invisibility cloak

montereybayaquarium: Throwback to this flamb…


Throwback to this flamboyant cuttlefish mom looking after her eggs in our Tentacles special exhibition!



You’ve heard of two kids in a trenchcoat. Now get ready for… Several cephalopods on mannequin!



hey tumblr look at this cuttlefish boye i drew!

fhtagn-and-tentacles: OCTOPODA by Jeff Soan



by Jeff Soan

Luke Groskin on Twitter

Luke Groskin on Twitter:


GET PUMPED for #CephalopodWeek this year, folks! It’s GONNA BE GOOD!

i-am-just-a-dreamer-ball: A set of marine life…


A set of marine life stickers I did for @bd-blackmore ‘s birthday!

All of these beings are so valid and deserve all the love people give them!



my cuttletag has been sadly sparse for the past few weeks so it’s time to refresh it with an announcement of some new redbubble Friends: jenifer, leonardo and babushka <3 

fabula-ultima: Ink 6 – The Cuttlefish Light Re…


Ink 6 – The Cuttlefish Light

Requiem is lost in the Ghostly Reef, until it is embraced by the light of a resplendent little Cuttlefish. She believed that was the hermit she sought, but in fact he was only a pupil. He decided to help Requiem, lighting the path with his presence, to the refuge of the ancient hermit.

I did the lineart with a black pen and digitally finished in photoshop.