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❌ DO NOT FEED THE FISH 🐠The final infographic…


The final infographic from the Green Fins International Year of the Reef 2018 campaign is my favourite. 🐠 The first time I experienced fish feeding was at 16, snorkeling in Malaysia.
The guide didn’t ask, I just felt the rain of bread 🍞
all around me. Hundreds of reef fish swimming frantically around me,
little nibbles, slimy swim-bys, I hated it but didn’t question it.
Surely the guide knew best?
Fish feeding is now banned in
the marine park I was snorkeling in, but not all places are as strict.
We as tourists can demand better, we can ask people kindly to stop, we
can explain why, we can spread the word.

This year has been declared the International …

This year has been declared the International Year of the Reef. In honour of our coral friends, my friend and colleague who runs our communications at Reef-World has created this awesome Green Fins campaign. This first part is one of my faves. Diving gives us access to the magical world of reefs, and if we aren’t careful, those small fin kicks you make that hit the coral can add up to be a huge impact. We’re REDEFINING THE DIVE and allowing reefs to be more resilient to climate change. ^^Up there you can see the problem^^ and watch this space for the solution. 

If you want to spread these messages yourself, you can find all the graphics here. If you want to learn more, check out the article I wrote. Every kick counts so if you’re diving or snorkelling, keep those #FinsUp!