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Painted Frogfish (Antennarius pictus)

💛Pikachu 🖤

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📣: Thecacera pacifica

Napoleon snake eel (Ophichthus bonaparti)

Oh hey, Monday. So good to see you.


Yellow Margined Moray Eel (Gymnothorax flavimarginatus)
Got an underwater camera? Practice that buoyancy. Get the guide to help you hover. Do a weight check. Don’t over flash. Don’t harass or chase or poke or prod. Be a good seatizen and don’t make the reef pay the ultimate price for your photo.

If you look closely, this little commensal shrimp is carrying eggs. I pretty much never spot if it’s pregnant or not until I can zoom in on the photo. Happy Easter all! 

Species: Periclimenes tosaensis

This photo was taken without manipulating or moving the animal, without lying on coral or touching the reef to balance. This photo was taken without excessive flash which can stress animals. If you can’t get in close enough with your buoyancy, take your photos in raw and zoom in. No photo is worth the damage. 

Spotted Porcelain Crab – Neopetrolisthes maculatus

These beauties are commensal with anemones (i.e. they live together but the anemone doesn’t benefit) and are often found on carpet anemones. You may see a guide using a muck stick to look under an anemone to “move” the crab into view, ask them to stop! Anemones are animals subject to stress, as is the crab who was hiding for a reason. The feeling of discovering one in full view is far more satisfying – for both parties! 

Reef scene, Palau.

2018 is already shaping up to be an incredible year and I’ve *decided* it’s going to be fantastic. Coincidence that it’s also officially International Year of the Reef (#IYOR2018)?! 

Read more about what this means for reef conservation on the international scale here, updates here

Dat booty tho. 

Diadema antillarum

Arguably one of the most important herbivores on the reef, keeping algae populations in check.

According to my friends, my spirit animal is an octopus. I’m ok with that. 

Blue ringed octopus (genus Hapalochlaena). Taken in Malapascua, Philippines. 

No marine animals and corals were harmed when this photo was taken, nor were any rocks (substrate), or animal environment disturbed. No pokers/muck sticks were used and no behaviour manipulation was employed.

If that’s how you take photos too, include the above in your captions and show that you don’t need to manipulate, damage, or destroy anything to get a decent shot. 

Porcelain crab [Family: Porcellanidae| Neoptrolisthes oshimai] on it’s Sea Anemone home taken on our staff dive trip to Bunaken, Indonesia [yeah it’s a tough life].

This family are not in fact true crabs, but are more closely related to a Squat Lobster. However, they have oddly evolved to look like true crabs [infraorder Brachyura]. A process called carcinisation