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finally put some colour on this old sketch





Dinomischus isolatus, an enigmatic animal from the mid-Cambrian Burgess Shale Formation in British Columbia, Canada (~505 mya). Only about 2cm (0.8″) in total length, it had a soft cup-shaped body topped with a whorl of about 20 solid plate-like “petals”, and lived attached to the seafloor by a thin stalk.

Impressions of its internal anatomy show the presence of a U-shaped gut, with its mouth and anus positioned next to each other in the center of the “petals”. It probably fed in a similar manner to crinoids, filtering small particles of food from the surrounding sea water.

But what type of creature it actually was is still unknown. Although comparisons have been made with several different groups – particularly the tiny entoproctsDinomischus doesn’t seem to quite fit in anywhere.

Despite this ongoing mystery, a few other similar fossils have been found that seem to be its relatives. Specimens of another species of Dinomischus from slightly older deposits in China show different “petal” shapes, and have been named as D. venustum. Another Burgess Shale animal called Siphusauctum gregarium may also be closely related.

Are you saying one of these is an anus?

Well, Lileep and Cradilly are based on fossil crinoids rather than on Dinomischus, but… yeah, they still have the exact same sort of gut structure.

Those aren’t eyes.

Science ruining Pokémon is exactly the kind of content I love.

But yes, can confirm:


Ok my hoarding tendency is getting excessive. If anyone needs some dex fillers, I’m your man.

omg there’s a bee named Chilicola charizard in 2016 and I can’t believe I found out about this one year too late.