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Oh hey, Monday. So good to see you.


Yellow Margined Moray Eel (Gymnothorax flavimarginatus)
Got an underwater camera? Practice that buoyancy. Get the guide to help you hover. Do a weight check. Don’t over flash. Don’t harass or chase or poke or prod. Be a good seatizen and don’t make the reef pay the ultimate price for your photo.

Nothing to see here. Just having a cup of coffee on this no-flow toilet. *If* I had done my business, I wouldn’t flush, but simply cover it with straw, which works wonders for covering both the smell and your dignity. Once full, it can be emptied responsibly.

In this day and age when tourists flood remote islands and boats sit atop reefs all day, going back to basics might just be the answer – preventing excess “nutrient” and bacteria input into fragile ecosystems.

Kudos to the ever-inspiring El Nido Foundation for continuing to communicate simple, reliable solutions to environmental threats. 💩😎

#backtothefuture #responsibletourism #eutrophication #itsalgaeproblemsilly #morningcuppa #sustainablepooping (at El Nido, Palawan)