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‪Tentadeckthehalls … me and my mum spent ten minutes trying to think of a Christmas squid pun and this is the best we came up with‬.
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the christmas card I made 4 my boyfriend


Love across barriers #starcrossed #squid #octopus #greetingcard #artistsonetsy


We have a place for other art now! If you want to see more from the artist of Sqwidgee, please see Squidacle-Random~


Squid Friends! #patreon #sketches #squid #supportartists #artistsoninstagram


~Final update on this piece for now~


More new things up on Redbubble! Have some squids )

‘Science is real You Fucks ’ Sticker by SarahMackAttack:


If you’ve ever been like “Damn I like squid, but I LOVE when squid explicitly state their disgruntled belief in science” well jeez do I have the sticker for you

I noticed some chrome users can’t get to this, but it’s not a shady link, I’m just trying to make a living off my art!


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[Drawing of a pattern made of blue octopi and green squids above a caption that says “You don’t have to go through this alone. I may not be able to understand everything you’re going through, but I care, I love you, I believe in you, and I’m here for you.”]


kalani the squid prince! he’s regal, selfish, arrogant, and short as hell