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Photos by Paul Nicklen Photography on facebook:

“Humpback whales lunge skyward while feeding on anchovies in Monterey Bay, California. These two images were taken in the same place on the same day but a few hours apart.” 




humpback whale calves migrating north to warmer waters breach together along
the Wild Coast of South Africa.

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For a while now I’ve been busy with a wonderful commission: a series of illustrations for Sealife dolphin watching, a whalewatch company in Lagos, Portugal! In total there will be 6 dolphins, 5 whales and 8 other marine species (including birds) covered. All the cetaceans will be painted in full detailed realism, so I get to go all out on the nitty gritty for these gorgeous species. It’s especially fun to work on old familiars and see how my work has changed and improved over the years.

It’ll be a while before the full commission is finished, but for now I wanted to share something. I hope you enjoy this little peek and keep an eye out for the finished work in the future 😀


Painting a life-size whale is about as big of a task as you might imagine. An enormous Humpback whale, for the Swiss Richnerstutz, kept my hands and mind occupied for most of three weeks. She’s destined for the Zurich Zoo, where she will be printed at 9.5 metres (some 31 feet) length to accompany an exhibition about the Humpback whales of Masoala Bay, Madagascar.

Excitement at the prospect of finally being able to portray all the details I could normally only hint at soon turned to dread upon trying to polish the first tubercles on her 2-metre-long head. Slowly determined persistence set in, only to be replaced at the very end by terror at the prospect of hand-painting the 250 or so barnacles that grace her chin and fins. But in the end (and with a lot of copy-pasting the first hundred individually painted barnacles) we got there. She’s finished now, approved by the zoo, and sent to the client. I wonder what she’ll look like, life size up on the wall!

For now enjoy this little full-size preview of the painting, I’ll upload the full whale from rostrum to flukes sometime in the next few days.


We all are.


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The final breath from this gorgeous whale before delving deep into the sea – captured so well by @neohumanity.⁠

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