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whaletalesorg: Cape Leeuwin Competition Pod. …


Cape Leeuwin Competition Pod. To read this story (and more!), follow the link in our bio.⠀
Photo by @whale_watch_western_australia⠀
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socialfoto: Mom and calf Amazing encounter la…


Mom and calf Amazing encounter last week on my underwater photo workshop in Tonga! Mom and calf performing for the camera! by photographybyleighton

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#Repost @cleanoceanproject
When 64 pounds of trash was found in a sperm whale off the coast of Spain…#saynotoplastic #reducewaste #cleanoceanproject #fuerteventura #cotillo #lajares #spain @plasticfreemeorg @restorationpackaging #whaleslover

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Avalon Beach, Australia by Lachlan Dempsey

end0skeletal: My Lovely Bed by Vitaly-Sokol…


My Lovely Bed by Vitaly-Sokol





Baleine et baleineau by sylvaingirardottahiti Une baleine à bosse (Megaptera novaeangliae) et son baleineau nagent ensemble sur un fond de sable et de patates de corail. Des rayons de soleil transpercent la surface.

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Skulls of Marine Mammals (L to R)

  1. Bottlenose Dolphin – Tursiops truncatus
  2. Orca – Orcinus orca
  3. Dugong – Dugong Dugon
  4. West Indian Manatee – Trichechus manatus
  5. Steller’s Sea Cow – Hydromalis gigas
  6. Dwarf Sperm Whale – Kogia sima
  7. California Sea Lion – Zalophus californiaus
  8. Hooker’s Sea Lion- Phocarctos hookeri
  9. Minke Whale – Balaenoptera acutorostrata
  10. Crab Eater Seal – Lobodon carinophagus

Humpback whales navigating an ocean of change …

Humpback whales navigating an ocean of change | Office of National Marine Sanctuaries:


In late December 2015, Ed Lyman started getting calls from whale watching companies on the island of Hawai‘i. “Ed, how are the whales off Maui?” tour operators were asking. “We’ve never seen them arrive this late.”

Lyman is the large whale entanglement response coordinator for Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. While the sanctuary coordinates and leads the effort to free whales from life-threatening entanglements, it relies heavily on tour operators, fishermen, researchers, and other members of the on-water community to help find and monitor them. That same on-water community plays a major role in monitoring the overall health of and risks to humpback whales throughout Hawai‘i. Lyman works closely with these groups.

So when more tour operators on other islands throughout Hawai‘i let Lyman and the sanctuary know that the whales seemed to be late that season, Lyman started calling around. He wanted to know if the lower sightings were just on a few of the islands, or in other areas in the Hawaiian Islands as well. But every island was reporting the same thing. Even Mexico’s disentanglement network reached out to Lyman, telling him that they were seeing low numbers. “It wasn’t just us,” says Lyman. “Something was happening.”

Read on to find out what may be happening to Hawai‘i’s whales.

boudhabar: by Reinhard Dirscherl


by Reinhard Dirscherl